Meet your annual OSHA and NYSDOL requirements. Prepare your staff for fire emergencies.

This is an interactive experience incorporating a combination of lecture, group discussion, custom PowerPoint presentation, and video. We tie this all together with a "hands-on" experience in which all attendees will successfully operate a digital fire extinguisher training simulator. We can customize the program to meet your schedule and will tailor sessions to focus on the equipment and hazards found in your particular workplace. The entire program can be held right in your conference room or other meeting space.

Our custom program is taught by a fire extinguisher expert…Someone who understands not only how the equipment works, but where things can go wrong. 

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Don’t have a large enough group to set up an on-site training session? No Problem!
 Click Here to sign up withCapitalSafetyLogoHere, you can enroll an individual or small group for our program which is offered monthly at Capital Safety’s local training center.

We will cover:

  • Classifications of fire
  • Types of fire extinguishers and their capabilities & limitations
  • Basic operating techniques
  • Potential hazards associated with workplace fires
  • Life Safety considerations (Fight or Flight)
  • Equipment maintenance overview.

fire web2Traditional fire extinguisher training would normally involve risky outdoor live fire, where weather conditions play a factor. Also, there is a costly and messy discharge of real extinguishers to give users a hands-on experience. Once you’ve run out of extinguishers…you’re done!



elec sim fire trainingNot with our program. With our digital training simulator, we can give users a life-like hands on experience in a safe, clean setting in any weather, right in your conference room or meeting space. No live fire hazard. No mess.




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