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fireextinguishersAlbany Fire Extinguisher sells all different types of fire extinguishers that meet state codes, OSHA requirements and Insurance Company recommendations. With commercial grade equipment in stock, we have equipment to meet your needs and ready for immediate delivery. From the smallest extinguishers designed for vehicles and watercraft to the largest commercial wheeled units, we can outfit your car, boat, home or place of business with the right extinguisher in case of fire emergency.

 fire extinguishers eService and Maintenance

Don’t worry about when your service is due. We’ll keep track of it for you.

Our service management program will track your service requirements so your annual inspections will be scheduled and completed on time. We can even do your required monthly inspections! Give us a call or ask your service technician for more details.

Our certified technicians sell, install, recharge, and maintain all types of commercial fire extinguishers. We can service extinguishers from other sources as well. Although we primarily work with commercial and industrial entities, the public is always welcome to stop by our store and select a new fire extinguisher for home, auto or boat or to have one serviced.


We carry a full line of fire extinguisher cabinets from Larsen’s, JL Industries, Potter Roemer and more. These cabinets come in different styles including recessed for aesthetics and locking style for protection against misuse or theft. Choose from a variety of designs for indoor and outdoor needs. The best looking facilities are designed with attractive, recessed wall cabinets.



Signs - Required locally by code, signs are valuable for locating a fire extinguisher in situations where direct view may be blocked by furnishings or to alert someone to a location where the extinguisher is stored. Available is adhesive (flat) style and 3-D projection.

Brackets – Unless in a cabinet, fire extinguishers should be mounted on a wall at least 4” off the floor or if transported in a vehicle, secured to an approved bracket according to fire regulations. We stock a variety of wall brackets and vehicle brackets designed for use with your extinguisher.

Covers - Protect an extinguisher from dirt and extreme weather conditions. Available in regular and heavy-duty in all sizes of hand portable and wheeled units.

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Fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

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