Emergency/Exit Lights

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If functioning properly, emergency lights and exit signs can play an important role in your company’s safety plan. They are designed to light the way and direct people safely to exits in the event of power outage or fire emergency. Don't get left in the dark! Let us help you to make sure that your safety equipment is ready to go when you need it most.

New Equipment

We stock exit signs, emergency lights and combination units for commercial and residential usage as well as common batteries and bulbs.

Service & Maintenance

Will your emergency lighting operate as it is supposed to? We can test your emergency lighting when we come to service your extinguishers. We offer diagnostic testing to ensure that your batteries are charged and up to capacity. We also offer replacement battery and bulb installations to restore equipment to working order.

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Diagnostic Testing

Emergency lighting is required to be sustained for 90 minutes in the event of an emergency. Our diagnostic test will determine if the charging circuit is functioning and that the battery is capable of maintaining a 90 minute discharge.

Parts & Accessories

We stock bulbs and batteries for all types of units. We can source most types of bulbs and batteries for all brands of equipment. Plus we have retrofit parts to turn your old incandescent units into LED type saving you money and time!

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Fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

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Emergency & Exit Lights

Emergency Lights

  • Service and testing
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  • Batteries and Bulbs

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