Insurance Woes Inadequate or Unmaintained Fire Suppression Systems & How They Could Affect Your Business’s Recovery After a Loss e-book

A fire suppression system is a necessity for commercial businesses, especially restaurants. These systems are needed to prevent fires from spreading for the safety of the business’ employees, customers, and the building itself. Business owners often forget that fire suppression systems help mitigate insurance risks, which are extremely crucial to running a business.

The following eBook outlines how fires can put a business’ insurance in jeopardy, and how fire suppression systems help alleviate these dangers.

What’s included:

  • Advice on fire coverage from insurance experts
  • Information about property loss
  • Risks for a property owner vs. business owner
  • How to prepare for annual inspections

 …And more!

 Download our eBook for the complete guide to fire safety and mitigating involved insurance risks now.

Fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

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Fire suppression

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  • Suppression System Installation
  • Repairs and Renovations

Emergency & Exit Lights

Emergency Lights

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  • Annual and Monthly Inspections
  • Batteries and Bulbs

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